Saf-instant® Dry Baker’s Yeast – Clean Label Solution for Bakery


new generationClean label has created a strong rising awareness among consumers. Today’s consumers want a better understanding of what they eat and a reassuring list of ingredients, consistent with their life-style of health, ethics and well-being.

They are looking for natural products. They want to eat in a responsible, balanced way and enjoy it, implying producers’ efforts in reducing the ingredient list.

Clean Label is a consumer driven movement, based on transparency and authenticity. Back to basics!


Saf-instant® Dry Baker’s Yeast now exists in a Clean Label Solution for Bakery. Our yeast is an efficient, safe and consistent solution, making it possible to produce top-quality breads meeting consumers’ requirements.

A new generation dry yeast without additives fulfilling consumers who strive for transparency, food balance and naturality.

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saf instant datasheet