INVENTIS Sensation

Lesaffre’s latest taste and pleasure innovation


Starting with a single “taste-neutral” dough batch, Inventis Sensation allows you to quickly create and customize products offering a variety of flavors.


Lesaffre showcases Inventis Sensation, the first aromatic solution for customizing the taste of bread produced from the same dough batch. This innovation was launched at the Europain fair in France in February 2018 under the name Inventis Fleurilège and Lesaffre is now extending its launch internationally with Inventis Sensation.


The latest brainchild of the Inventis range, Sensation is a patented aromatic solution devised for customizing the taste of any bread type. The Inventis Sensation solutions are developed from a combination of ingredients obtained from fermentation and cereal products and based on the principle of a special yeast extract coating.

Two products are on offer: the grain and semolina versions, based on a subtle marriage between yeast extract aromas and cereal notes. Deposited on the dough’s surface, either during shaping or just after, or simply incorporated directly into the mix, this rapid, easy-to-use concept helps cut down on the number of dough batches the baker needs to produce.


Bread produced with Inventis Sensation exudes pleasantly aromatic grilled or cracker notes.


“Greater flexibility”

Although Sensation and Flavory both cater to the consumer need for more taste and pleasure, these two high-tech solutions are fundamentally different: Sensation is based on a combination of breadmaking ingredients, which add taste directly and naturally, whereas Flavory helps develop aromatic notes for longer fermentation processes and offers bakers the chance to create customised products. The strength of both of these new yeast innovations to be launched at IBA is the fact that they allow bakers to expand their range of finished products, while offering consumers more diversity on a daily basis and the chance to discover new tastes” –  Florence DELCHAMBRE, Lesaffre International project manager.

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