When consumers are more and more demanding, bakers want to bring innovation & personalization to their products. With Lesaffre Expert Solutions, Lesaffre develops new solutions for Industrial Bakers.  This is an innovative concept of performing yeast and baking ingredients providing bakers with high value and customized solutions, based on creativity and co-development with professionals, R&D expertise and Baking Center network.

Thanks to our Lesaffre’s expertise in yeast and fermentation, yeasts are not only a rising fermentative agent but it becomes now possible to explore aromatic properties of yeasts”, explains Alexandre Depoid, Yeast Marketing Manager at Lesaffre.

At IBA, come to the conference to discover how Lesaffre Expert Solutions meet expectations about tomorrow’s bakery and make challenges come true.

19 Sept. 2018 10:30AM-10:55AM
Alexandre DEPOID / Florence DELCHAMBRE
High-tech yeasts for the Industry. Focus on Lesaffre T-CONTROL and FLAVORY.