LIVENDO: Sourdough starter culture FREYJA

Lesaffre Deutschland continues its efforts to promote its new product, the ORGANIC sourdough starter culture “Freyja”.


freya livendo“Freyja” is a starter composed of a combination of thoroughly pure, carefully selected lactic acid bacteria strains and yeasts. This combination of high-quality ingredients is used to produce sophisticated acid notes and develop optimum flavour. FREYJA will be available in liquid form, thereby enabling easy, precise dosage.


Within 12 to 16 hours, it will therefore be possible to produce a workable sourdough that will lend fully rounded notes of flavour to the end loaf.


FREYJA is the result of extensive product development. The lactic acid bacteria and yeast cultures are given enough time in which to grow and ripen at their own pace. FREYJA is a sourdough starter in its best possible form and is sure to be a hit with customers.


Ralf Kutter, technical baker advisor at Lesaffre Deutschland, will be speaking twice daily on the stand at 10.30 a.m. and at 3.30 p.m. on the theme of “Flavouring sourdough bread with beer, wine and coffee”. The presentations will include a live demonstration of starting up a sourdough with “Freyja” and visitors to the stand can savour the results directly on site and seek inspiration from the different mixed wheat and rye bread variations available.