German bakers recognise the quality of renowned Fala yeasts and have remained loyal to the products for over 50 years. Today, Fala yeasts are available in four different qualities: Yeasts for sourdoughs, Yeasts with extra-strong raising power, Universal Fala “blue” yeast and Osmotic stress-tolerant yeast for sweet dough/pastry.


Fala HefeAt IBA 2018, the focus will be on yeast for sweet dough/pastry. In Germany, 30% of a baker’s product range on average is composed of sweet bakery goods. It is therefore very important to choose the right yeast to ensure excellent results. Fala yeasts for sweet dough/pastry are special yeasts for sugar-containing yeast doughs und offer substantial advantages for upwards of 5% sugar contents in flour.

  • High raising power in sugar-containing pastries/doughs
  • Very good stability and oven-spring
  • High freezer stability
  • Very good oven rise
  • Regular, fine air-hole structure in end product
  • Low doses
  • Subtle, rounded taste


In addition, freshly baked goods will be produced daily at the Lesaffre stand. Every day, there will be two presentations given on the theme of yeasts for sweet dough/pastry. There will also be live demonstrations of how Fala yeasts for sweet dough/pastry can add extra volume and stability in the case of high sugar level dough.