In a fast-moving world that is growing ever more complex, it is vital to have an understanding of tomorrow’s needs. With Lesaffre Trends Vision ™, a market trend and consumer behavior analysis tool for the bakery industry, Lesaffre goes beyond consumers’ and customers’ needs by offering innovative solutions and building a long-term proactive vision.


Understand, anticipate, analyze, innovate are four words that might sum up the originality and efficiency of the Lesaffre Trends Vision ™ tool, or Trend wheel, to be presented for the first time at the IBA fair.


“The main originality of this approach is to start with an initial circle of six “Mega Trends”, or key trends, typifying the bakery goods (see diagram), onto which three further circles are superimposed: the first representing the socioeconomic context, the second consumer needs and the third bakers’ needs. The resulting visual representation enables Lesaffre to offer its customers innovative functional solutions that match market trends.” – Etienne Maillard


  • 18 Sept. 2018 10:00 – 10:25
  • CONFERENCE by Etienne MAILLARD – Lesaffre Bakery Prospective Director
  • Bakery market trends in western Europe identified using the new Lesaffre Trends Vision ™ method