Bakers’ application

Lesaffre’s entire baking expertise in your pocket!


bakers appThis simple application now allows bakers access to a whole raft of dedicated and innovative tailored services. Decades of baking expertise at your fingertips!


Bakers go digital

French craft bakers are rarely in direct touch with Lesaffre, retailers normally being their main points of contact. How then to offer them new services, while informing them about Lesaffre’s expertise? Following a study conducted in situ into the digital habits of its baker customers, Lesaffre at once saw an opportunity to develop a mobile application.


“Craft bakers rarely have time to go on their computers, yet they’re more than happy to connect to the net via their mobiles. To set the basis of our project, the UX (user experience) survey, conducted among a panel of bakers, helped to better identify the various uses of mobiles and what was expected in terms of functionalities. For example, one of the first services likely to be digitalised in France is the management of point-based reward programmes”, explains Stéphane Pucel, in charge of Marketing at Lesaffre France.

Digitalised yeast packs

“We took our inspiration from the solution devised by Lesaffre China to fight counterfeit goods. Each 500 g pack of dried yeast is given a unique QR code. Via an application, Chinese bakers can scan in the QR code to check whether or not the product being purchased is indeed the genuine article. Other Lesaffre subsidiaries have adopted this system. Once bakers have created their account on the application, they then scan in the QR code found on the product packaging and can start collecting loyalty points. Once enough points have been collected, customers can then order their gift directly on their Smartphone”, clarifies Peter Quiguer, Lesaffre Group Digital Coordinator.

Baker to baker

Bakers can use the mobile application to download product data sheets, watch video tutorials and look up exclusive recipes. Depending on the country in question, they can also create new products by experimenting with the taste parameters on the “Flavour wheel”. This will help them cater even more closely to the increasingly demanding expectations of their own customers.

New functionalities are emerging, including the most eagerly awaited “Dr. Bread’. Any bakers having problems with production can refer to the Lesaffre database. Apart from getting information about the cause of the problems, they can also find solutions to resolve them. Should they fail to find a solution to their problem, they are then able to request a videoconference with a technician from the Baking Center, during which they can exchange views face-to-face with an expert and see a return to productivity! *


“We’re entering a new era: thanks to the digital age, we’re tailoring the relationship with bakers in order to cater more closely to their needs and better anticipate future trends. By facilitating direct contact between craft bakers and our experts, we’re once again emphasising our commitment to help improve their performance!”, confides Peter Quiguer.


→ Download the application now from Apple stores (iPhone) and Google Play stores (Android phones).